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My Holiday Fair is EASY, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL for your school children! My Holiday Fair is an organized, easy holiday shop we send to your school, so your kids can buy gifts for their loved ones. Order your My Holiday Fair school and pop the top, & shop! We offer great benefits:

Sign-up Bonuses
Free promotional materials
No risks or up-front costs
No fees or shipping charges
No counting inventory
Customer in Desoto, Tx
“I’m very excited. I have definitely decided that we will have My Holiday Fair Store again, because it was such a SUCCESS. The students love the Store and so did the staff. The Holiday Fair Store was so organized and exciting, the students really enjoyed the Store.”
Customer in Windsor, PA
“The selection of the merchandise is great. The students had a wonderful time shopping for their families.”

A Fun, Easy Holiday Shop for Your Kids, Delivered to Your School

With My Holiday Fair, your school can sponsor an easy holiday shop your kids will love and look forward to every year!